Biofeedback device “Laxball®” has been rolled into the market!

With the biofeedback device “Laxball®” you control a ball only by your skin resistance, which reflects your physical condition, on different courses. The aim of this unit is on the one hand of course the fun factor but on the other hand the Laxball serves to relax, improve concentration and even to support ADHD treatments. The buyer receives the product hardware, including the skin resistance meter and the software for the PC or Mac with 36 levels.

Purchasers of the Laxball receive a small box in which there is the hardware of the game. This is to be connected to the PC or Mac by the supplied USB cable. Now you just need to install the software either as a Mac or a Windows version on your PC/Mac and put your finger in the skin resistance meter. A short tutorial explains the user every step until the start of the game. Then you can start.

The user sees an obstacle course that resembles a miniature golf course and a ball. After the player has pressed start this ball starts to move forward on its own. The highlight: the direction is defined by the user himself – but only through his skin resistance. The user will notice pretty quickly that the ball drifts in one direction. His task now is to counter this by either activate or calm himself. The better the user manages to keep the ball in balance, the faster he will reach the goal and set his own records and collect medals. The levels get increasingly difficult and change at certain intervals and the ambience.

You can try it yourself! >>> Shop

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