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Learning Support/Language Learning


"I must tell you that I absolutely love the laxman system.  I purchased this system without really knowing what to expect, and it has been a wonderful investment.
I have shown it to many people, all of whom were amazed at how relaxing the sessions were."
Kevin B.

Phenomenal machine! I just purchased mine last week and I'm already more focused and relaxed.
Thomas C.

Learning Support/Language Learning

The Laxman supports the receptiveness and long term memory characteristics of the brain and is ideal for learning preparation, reinforcement and support. Special relaxation programs which promote an increase of the attention are especially suitable for learning preparation. They lead to a promotion of the so-called alpha state and increase the cerebral perfusion.

Some contents, e.g. auditive language courses, can be directly uploaded to the device and learned with appropriate sessions. Various contents can be easily integrated and exchanged by a memory card.

For learning reinforcement there are also special programs available, which support the retention of learned contents in the long term memory. This takes place by a promotion of the so-called theta state.

Thus, the Laxman is especially suitable for training and coaching institutions, as well as in all situations where complex contents have to be learned and memorized within a short time.

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