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Sense your sounds!

Terry G.

"I must tell you that I absolutely love the laxman system.  I purchased this system without really knowing what to expect, and it has been a wonderful investment.
I have shown it to many people, all of whom were amazed at how relaxing the sessions were."
Kevin B.



Supplement your service offer with this efficient and agreeable way of relaxation. You can lend the Laxman to your guests to take to their rooms. Tourists can recover from the jetlag by making a unique experience, whereas business people relax very quickly before the next date.

Moreover, the Laxman can be offered in the hotel shop, so that the positive experience can be repeated at home. The Laxman belongs to the amenities of all better hotels.

The stainless steel housing is insensitive to signs of wear and the head band can be comfortably changed and cleaned. A quickstart manual is available which makes the anyway barrier-free operation very easy. A special training of the personnel is not necessary. Moreover, we gladly support you in rental and sale with special flyers.