The Laxman Lifestyle


"I must tell you that I absolutely love the laxman system.  I purchased this system without really knowing what to expect, and it has been a wonderful investment.
I have shown it to many people, all of whom were amazed at how relaxing the sessions were."
Kevin B.

"Der Laxman ist einfach unbeschreiblich, das Beste was mir passieren konnte!" Freundliche Grüsse,
Philipp B.

Relax - Reflect- Regenerate

To cope with the requirements and the pressure of the information society - that's something many people desire. Reality shows the opposite: Poor coping strategies with stress can make people ill. One third of all back troubles are psychogenic, specialists estimate. Psychosomatic diseases are increasing, the WHO defined them as one of the largest health dangers of the 21st century. But what is a remedy for this? With the Laxman the Neurotronics GmbH offers a most modern and versatile stress management tool. With the help of the highly effective audiovisual stimulation the Laxman aims to make aware the controlling forces of our mind and to learn strategies of self-control.

The innovation: the Laxman is the first system to combine the enormous effectiveness of the audiovisual stimulation with the luxury of a state-of-the-art lifestyle product.

Relaxury and Innertainment

There is no patent remedy against stress. What is a strain on someone, hardly affects the other. This makes it difficult to define generalities concerning the adequate handling of stress. Experienced stress coaches know: stress management begins with self perception. Only if you are ready to observe yourself you will find a reasonable stress handling. Some get an access with classical relaxation methods such as autogenous training or yoga. However, many capitulate already here since feeling better after the autogenous training already presupposes a trained self perception regarding stress/relaxation. 

Like a mirror the Laxman shows the user gradually how the body reacts to relaxation. 

The user puts on the patented color Ganzfeld glasses and the earphones and listens to one of the exclusive ambient sessions or mixes the classical burst signals (impulse frequencies) with his or her own audio files by means of the integrated MP3 player.

The user now pursues with interest the reactions of his own nervous system. The extremely agreeable experience during the following 20 minutes enhances the motivation and makes the user want more. The user experiences a completely new world of light, colors and music. This fascinating spectacle alone would already be a multimedia revolution, the associated psychological effect, however, makes the Laxman a gem of modern product design.

Without peer pressure the user finds his or her own "inner leverage" for relaxation and improved performance, his personal frequency, his own rhythm. This perception creates self-awareness and self-confidence.

Psychological mechanisms are combined with the typical characteristics of personal luxury: thoroughgoingness, originality, comfort and individuality as a contrast to the triviality of the mainstream characterize the Laxman.

Come into Your Own World

The inner world, time for yourself, eluding the compulsion for communication: all this becomes more and more important in search of the unusual, the authentic - taking charge of one's own life. The Laxman individualizes the digital mass media, represents a reliable companion in nomadic everyday life, helps to slow down life, offers a reassuring island in the agitated everywhere of life and helps to concentrate on an intimate and individual enjoyment.