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Mental Games Addon-Version

Mental Games Addon-Version

49,00 €
* Price incl. 19 % Tax excl.
Product No.:004
Shipping time: 3-14 Days

Mental Games is an additional pack for your Laxball and consists only of software that you can download easily and quickly. Hardware is not included with this addon version. The interface between body and PC is here, as well the "Mind- Reflection," in combination with the skin resistance sensor.

Your Benefits

  • extensive training software
  • great fun factor
  • nevertheless highly effective
  • also suitable for hyperactive children

This is the addon-version of Mental Games for all customers who already got the MindReflection or the ThoughtStream USB as biofeedback-interface.

Our life today is characterized by stressful situations caused by anxiety or stress. These can often make us react unfavorably. But it doesn’t have to be like this! You can learn how to control yourself in those situations by learning to control your relaxation and concentration.

This game is purely mental (e.g. bringing a floating ball to land). The more you relax, the deeper the ball drops. But if your response is stressed, the ball will begin to rise again.

   An example:

   Control the object
   using your
   mental relaxation.

Mental Games is a fun new way to develop strategies for your performance which you can transfer to your daily life. You will learn a new, more efficient behavior. Those now consciously perceived and deliberately induced states can be remembered and specifically used in everyday life. You will develop from a responding to a consciously acting person!

Mental Games is very suitable ...

...for stressed people
...for restless and hyperactive children
...for concentration and learning problems
...for a lot more ...

Another example of Level 1:

The aim is to make the balloon land through your relaxation level, before it disappears from the right half of the screen.

+ Acoustic feedback
+ Various objects and wallpapers selectable

The training software Mental Games includes two levels:

Level 1 trains you to relax and focus, with increasing difficulty. You will learn to know your psychophysiology and to consciously control your performance. It contains four sublevels.

Level 2 helps you to learn to control your sensorial motor activity. Level 2 increasingly works with a variety of stressful situations and reacts more intelligently to your reactions. This level consists of seven modules of which some have sublevels again.

An example of Level 2:

Learn to turn stressful reactions into automatic relaxation: The calmer and the more focused you are, the more slowly the ants move and the easier it will be to capture them with the mouse and turn them into ladybugs.

The sensitivity and speed can be adjusted in each module, so that you can always optimally challenge yourself. All session gradients can be represented as a graphical trend (relaxation curve) with accurate statistical data.

Increase your understanding of the relation between mind and body.

With the module "Mandala" you can put forms in motion by your concentration.

Minimum system requirements::

* PC Pentium 200 MHz with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP
* 64 MB of RAM
* CD Rom Drive
* Sound card (Sound Blaster compatible)
* USB interface

Mental Games contains over 10 different training modules and various sublevels. When ordering you will receive an activation code and a download link.


This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 27. September 2013.

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