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VERIM 3.0 - Addon-Version

VERIM 3.0 - Addon-Version

129,00 €
* Price incl. 19 % Tax excl.
Product No.:005
Shipping time: 3-14 Days

VERIM 3.0 is the latest version of an excellent biofeedback entrainment system using skin resistance measurement. The software includes 14 training modules for three areas. Like Laxball, this system is well suited particularly for stress management and improvement of concentration for learning completely new behavioral strategies in different situations.

Your Benefits

  • mature and professional biofeedback training
  • extensive repertoire of training goals
  • clear user interface

This is the addon-version for all customers, who already got the MindReflection or the ThoughtStream USB as biofeedback-interface.

VERIM contains in total 14 different training modules to develop your personality. Regular practice will trigger effortless relaxation for the user, creating readily available relaxed responses even during a stressful situation, which is key to successfully deal with the ever-growing demands of daily life.

oben: Mind Reflection in combination with the finger sensor provides the interface between body and PC, here as well (hardware not included with addon version).

The software is divided into three main areas, each with different training priorities.

The "Energy-Room" allows you to work on the following properties of your energy management:

Relaxation - ability to reduce the stress level (measured on the basis of the GSR)

Activation - willful causing of a desired stress response, (e.g. excitement, joy, euphoria)

Flexibility - ability to regulate your activation depending on the situation

In order to obtain flexibility, it is first of all necessary to recognize one‘s own patterns of behavior and to become aware of those. Then you can dissolve and modify these patterns by trying new strategies.

Focus – ability to concentrate without activating at the same time

The Flow – ability to remain in focus in a situation that causes an unwanted first activation (stress/anxiety)

" The Flow" is an effective, optimal psycho physiological state with which the sensor-motor activities run optimally (from sports to theater, to singing or creative work).

Examples, Energy-Room:

Module "Balance": Control the ball on the swing only by using your concentration.

Training objectives are inter alia:

  • improvement of the ability to concentrate
  • development of a flow
  • understanding the relationship between your mind and body

Module "Maze": If you encounter an obstacle and stay and hang on, you can free yourself through a corresponding activation or relaxation.

Training objectives are inter alia:
  • acquisition of situation-dependent activation and relaxation
  • acquisition of flexibility

The major aim in the "Resource Room" is the acquisition of the following skills:

Encounter problems with patience - you learn to respond to requirements and difficulty with a good emotional balance.

Frustration tolerance / handling failure – you practice to endure contradictions and to deal with them constructively

Good concentration and reaction time - training goal: to stay focused over a longer time in order to respond adequately and more quickly

"Mind tuning" or self –regulating - you will learn...

... to recognize inner blockages

... not to be at the mercy of external stress factors because of fixed reaction patterns but to consciously act in a given situation in a self- defined manner

... to put yourself in certain situations and solve problems constructively

Examples, Resource-Room:

Module "Patience": Many colorful cubes appear and disappear. The more stressed you are, the faster the dice change and the harder it is to click them with the mouse.

Training objectives are inter alia:
  • you will learn to handle a stressful situation with serenity
  • improvement of response times

Module "ProblemPrison": Here you can select from three problem areas of your life and name them. The areas are distinguished in "low level", "high level" and "extreme level". Then you pass the fields with a bar while you mentally focus on the particular problem. According to the classification level you should then master the field by either activation (extreme level), relaxation (high level) or choosing one of the two options (low level). You learn at the same time to emotionally detach yourself from the problems.

The "Intelligence Room" creates an optimal scope for the acquisition of self-assessment (first familiarity with one's own psycho physiological state) and to promote self- recognition (concrete understanding of the relationship between one's thoughts and feelings).

Examples, Intelligence-Room:

Module "Plot": Here, the changes in your skin resistance are recorded as a curve and in addition reproduced as sound. You can try consciously to move back and forth between the sounds or to dwell on some sounds for a self-determined time. This module is also suitable as a research tool (monitoring) (e.g. observation of responses to specific items / thoughts and related emotions).

Module "MatchCurve" will show two traces at the same time. Figure out which curve is yours!

Training objectives:
  • rapid acquisition of a self-assessment (GSR)
  • developing and understanding of internal changes on the psycho physiological level

When ordering you will receive an activation code and a download link.


This Product was added to our catalogue on Friday, 04. October 2013.

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